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A phrase popularized by a bunch of brain-dead 8th graders in a LasVegas middle school. It's usually said prior to an un-funny joke.
Irvin: I just found $5!
Yumi: That's pretty super sick yo!
by EmersonH September 20, 2009
To insult one-other while insulting yourself to the same extent.
Dustin: Did you hear what Shayne said in 1st Period?"
Anthony: No, what?"
Dustin: Well, Justin was acting ghey so Shayne yelled "Get your dick out of my mouth!"
Anthony: He's a pro at Kamikaze Tactics.
by EmersonH September 19, 2009
A fake/and or spin off of a popular brand. Most likely bought at a swap meet.
Joe: "Want to buy some YuGiOh cards?"
Tom: "You mean your swap meet editions?"
Joe: "Your loss, bro."
by EmersonH September 29, 2009
A Hispanic edition of virtually any item available.
Jeff: Do you have Call Of Duty?
Jose: Nah, well, just the Telemundo Edition.
Jeff: Oh
by EmersonH September 29, 2009

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