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2 definitions by Emerson Rose

A myspace ugly is someone who is very ugly,so they post pictures of other things such as;bands,cartoon characters,other people etc.
Person 1:I hate those myspace ugly kids.
Person 2: I know they post pictures of everything but themselves!
by Emerson Rose August 21, 2006
A boy who has his hair cut in a particular way(scene hair) so he can part it to the left side of his face and colors his hair once a week.He wears girls jeans that can barely fit him and hangs a neon colored bandana out his right back pocket.Wears eyeliner.Wears dinosaur and band tees that are entirely too small.He has either a lip or septum piercing and is usually bisexual.
scene boy:wears my "I Love Dinosaurs" shirt?
scene girl:I dunno.butu can wear my baby sisters!
by Emerson Rose August 17, 2006