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Emerson LaSalle -name- A fictional character of blogcruft, and the main character in the independent film PULP BOY.

HISTORY - Emerson LaSalle started out as an imaginary character that was a metaphor for the kind of writer that was just so bad that you couldn't help but like him. His fictional life and career was created through thousands of blog posts and comments through various websites and publications in an ever expanding MEME.

Eventually, the name was widely enough recognized that there was even a Wikipedia entry created for him. However, disgruntled Wiki editors fought fiercly to remove his reference, despite being updated to note that he was a character of fan-fiction. This in turn caused a surge in popularity (and infamy) for the character.
"That is a true LaSallism." Meaning: Something that is done half-assed with the belief that the effort was sufficient.

"In memory of the prolific Emerson LaSalle." Meaning: Sarcastic reference to anything that could be construed as a major failure, gratuitously violent or sexual, or cheesy in general.

"That is probably just another pseudoneme for Emerson LaSalle." Meaning: The name sounds fake.

"Oh man, I just got LaSalled" Meaning: Being shunned, or overlooked.
by Emerson LaSalle Fan February 27, 2009

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