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A once-popular nickname for a certain ex-president, based on a photoshopped picture of him wearing a bunny outfit instead of his Mission Accomplished flight suit.
When the teacher asked the child who was president before Barack Obama, she answered, "Bunnypants," because that's what her parents had always called him.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 11, 2013
the way auto-correct thinks hell is spelled
If there really is a he'll, auto-correct will be nearby.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 11, 2013
Not the 20th century, transcendentalist poet who changed his last name to his favorite word on Urban Dictionary
They were uncomfortable calling him Mr. Crossjostle, so his friends just called him Emerson.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 09, 2013
a battlefield remark which distracted a pursuing army, and allowed for Moses to successfully lead his people out of Egypt
According to a new lost old scroll just now found, the pursuing ancient army knew it was screwed when someone yelled, ""Bros before Moses."
by Emerson Crossjostle March 11, 2013
The section in some public libraries where you can use your library card to check out heirloom (local) seeds, with the implied promise that if your gardening efforts are successful, you'll replace the seeds you 'borrowed' from the Seed Library by agreeing to give them some of the seeds that your new plants produced.
My public library now has a Seed Library inside which lets me check out packets of local seeds. It's made it super easy for me to grow salad greens and eat healthy for free.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 11, 2013
Originally used in Australia as a wooden sex assistant prior to its use as a musical instrument after the accidental discovery that you could get sounds to come out of it.
Once you're finished letting the dildoridoo play you, transmute it into a didgeridoo, so you can play it, too.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 10, 2013
astrology horoscopes that specifically focus on the relationship compatibility between people based on their Zodiac signs
Thanks to social media, I can read my love scopes every day instead of having to wait for the new local weekly to come out.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 19, 2013

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