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1 definition by Emblem Bitch

3 Guys (actually 5), from Huntington Beach but originally from Sequim Washington. There fandom are called Emblems for now (aka emblers emblem3rs emblematix). The 5 guys are Wesley Stromberg,Drew Chadwick,Keaton Stromberg, Kyle Miner and Kenny Galbraith. They don't know if Kyle and Kenny will be in the band. E3 is signed by syco at the moment.

THEY ARE NOT A BOY BAND. They play they own instruments. They are all really fucking sexy. You must be on Team Inspire.

They have there own very boss originals on YouTube if you think there just some boy band.
Yeah k bye
Girl 1: Hey Emblem3's song Sunset Blvd is awesome!
Girl 2: Ikr! They're so talented
by Emblem Bitch December 21, 2012
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