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A silver dollar refers to an unusually large areola on a woman. As big as a silver dollar.
I knew Jamie had huge cans, but when she took her shirt off she also had silver dollars.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
Referring to an obese girls gut, and how far it protrudes from her body. When viewing her from a profile you can tell that her gut sticks out farther from her body than her titties do. Hence titty do.
Cindy is so fat she has titty do.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
When a man approaches someone who's asleep, whips his cock out of his pants and dangles it next to the victims face. He then gently brushes the lips or face of the victim with his finger, but upon waking the victim sees nothing but cock and believes it rubbed on him/her.
Since Jerry's dad was the first to pass out at the New Year's party, Jerry gave him the "liptrick" to the delight of the crowd.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
An extremely good blow job.
Cathy used those great DSL'S to give me a "knee buckler" last night.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
The period in time when you begin dating or befriending an ugly duckling in high school or junior high school based on her potential to blossom into a hot piece of ass. When she does blossom, you will have an edge in a relationship with her because you were with her in her ugly years.
Tara would never have banged me as a senior, but since I got in on the "ground floor" and busted her hymen, she'll love me forever!
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
Another way of describing a woman's pussy. Usually of the less preferred variety. Inside pink (the house), the outside lips (the brown shudders).
I still ate Nancy out even though she had a Pink house with Brown Shudders.
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
A descrption of someone's ass that is saggy and not firm. It also has a downward hang to it, like a bag of soup.
Rachel should do more squats at the gym to get rid of her "soup ass."
by Eman3737 November 29, 2004
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