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A small town in Jeresy with a big reputation. What people don't understand is that it get's a bad rep because some people think that they could define Amboy and that's not the case. It's a great town where most people don't leave because it's all they know. With a over populated high school they still manage to have sucess stories everyday. Perth Amboy is and will always be known as "the Ghetto" but that's far from the truth, here is the truth.

Amboy is a great town to grow up but not a place where kids want to stay forver becuase they want to experience more, like every other human being. For a small town and over crowed population, the people definitly represent and most of the time are proud of where they came from because if they are something they could say they made it.
Growing up there i know alot of things and will forever know how it was growing up there i'm not there now but i miss the shit out of it. Perth Amboy will always be in my heart and in the heart of many others even if they don't admit it.
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by Eman the Man February 01, 2007
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