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Is when U think ur cooler than every1 & everything else... even more than chocolate (!).
1. Some1 just won a race. They say,
"Oh yeah! Chocolate don't have shit
on me!"

or it could be used sarcasticly:

2. Two people are havin' a fight:
1st U think you're 2 cool 4 the
rest of us!
2nd Yeah right, chocolate don't
have shit on me!(sarcasticly)
by Em.* July 20, 2005
Blond On The InSide.

A brunette who displays blond tendincies & obviously is a blond at heart.

Same as a '(crunchie)' but more of a technical name.
The brunette says to her friend, "So... saliva isn't a contraception then?"
Her friend than replys with, "You Botis."
by Em.* July 11, 2005

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