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A shit hole, in the San Luis Vally in Colorado. All the girls are whores (so you'll get laid, but your dick might smell like ass for a while) and the guys are tools. Living here will probably suck the life out of you, slowly but surely. Would i suggest being here? No. If your thinking about moving here, dont, well unless you really love whores, then your good to go.
Dude: I went to Alamosa for the weekend got my dicked sucked four times and got into three fights, I wont be going back, my balls have itched since.
by Em-miester! April 23, 2011
When you have so much fun a blast doesn't cut it. Concerts, bomb parties and smoking LOTS of weed are all activities blastamundo can describe.
Between the excessive amounts of weed and the gnarly shredding, we had a blastamundo at Winter XX Games 2011
by Em-miester! April 23, 2011

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