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a gangsta is not a thug they're alike in some ways but they're different. A thug is a male or female usually lives in the ghetto and is a rough muhfuckah that doesnt take no shit and is a solo criminal doesn't always roll in gangs and grew up with out no body loving them and does what they have to in order to survive.
A gangsta also can be a male or female and also usually lives in the ghetto but they roll in a gang of criminals that have bandanas also known as flags that shows what crew they rolling with. Crips wear Blue,orange,purple flags Bloods wear red and green flags. a white flag usually means neutral and black can mean universal.
You a crip man I see you got a blue flag.

You a blood man i see you got a red flag.

you bang nigga "naw man i aint in to colors i'm a thug"
by Em R-15 September 14, 2007

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