39 definitions by Em

must be used by all pro surfers when describing how pumped they are after a win
oh...im just so stoked!
by em April 23, 2003
multi purpose, based on how pronounced
neeeep (in lost voice) i need attention
nnnepp (like a growl) back off!
by em May 07, 2003
the best friend anyone could ask for, the one who is willing to randomly throw milk at lunch, sneak out of the house just because, run across to the movies when we are allowed to be there, and so much more. she has saved my life and showed me reasons to live the easiest person to love.
wow she is almost as great as bootle(but not even close).
by em February 10, 2004
an adjective to replace cool, awesome, hot, etc.
"That new shirt is so cheesy!"
by Em February 20, 2005

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