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a really tacky girl with slicked back hair, a thick ass accent and big ass doorknocker earrings, think j-lo
damn did you see lupita, that skank is sooo CHULY.
by em July 03, 2004
the used kick ass
quill is a babe
by em November 19, 2003
britts the shit!!!!!!! weve had so many aweosme times!! ahahahaha "i love nature?" but it was funny !! i lvoe you! we gotta get toegterh befroe you leave!!
by em July 13, 2003
Short for "Kazutachi." A person of elfin features known for obsessing, particularly over females named "Mary." Proficient at gaming, dysfunctional at life.
Have you seen that creepy Kaz? He stalks Mary.
by Em February 07, 2003
lloyd a cute guy with good bod i'll put him up on e-Bay next week see how much i get for him lol. no i love lloyd perry rarh for all those who care!!!!!!
brrrrrrrrr or im cold
by em April 27, 2004
An internet address/link.
Guy A: Hey, what's that quote site's url?
Guy B: Oh, it's www.bash.org
by Em November 12, 2003
1) An unusal hick creature that closely resembels a turtle, that lives at home and is 23 years old.

2) Runs a website where the majority of the fan base is 13 year olds that go for the porn only.

3) Gay Lover with Boy-Wonders-If-Hes-Gay

4) Also Known as "Dopie"
"Wow you suck good dick and put it up the ass just right Opie," says boywondersifhes gay.
by Em December 05, 2003

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