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A kilo of cocaine. Terminology used by crack addicts or drug dealers.
Gotta bake some pies for the fiends.
by Em January 31, 2005
sexy australian comedian
heard on triple j
seen on the glass house
funniest guy in australia
wil anderson is funny AND sexy (bonus)
by em March 18, 2004
The true definition of this word is: Noun. The name of the best guitarist ever, of Guns N Roses. Recognisable by his afro, which hides 90% of his face, hat perched on top of said afro, and an amazing guitar talent!
See the guitar solo in "November Rain." This baisically proves all my points
by Em April 15, 2004
noun. fat toes, as defined by Jared. from jack johnson's song "Bubble Toes."
Its as simple as something that nobody knows that her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes.
If i wear heavy earrings i'll get bubbly ears, you know, fat, like bubble toes!
by em November 24, 2004
What somebody I know calls a woman, because he has an accent.
yo, look at them fine whemen.
by Em December 23, 2004
An Obie Trice song featuring Busta Rhymes on the CD called Cheers by Obie Trice.
Oh! is a kickass song.
by Em November 21, 2003
ultimate boredom!
man, ive been sitting around all day, the trechia is out of control.
by em July 03, 2004
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