2 definitions by Elyse S

The act of being extremely freaking awesome. Must some how involve something metal. When seeing something "brutally death metal" one usually says "That was brutally death metal!" followed by the claw.
1. Alyssa and Elyse are brutally death metal.
2. The Amazon rainforest is brutally death metal.
3. Going to work dirty is brutally death metal.
by Elyse S April 24, 2006
Used when proclaiming that something is brutally death metal or just plain brutal. In order to perform the claw you must raise your arm high in front of you for all to see while your hand takes on the form of a "claw"
1. "That was so brutally death metal - the claw - "
2. "That was so brutal - the claw - "
by Elyse S May 28, 2006

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