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2 definitions by Elyse :)

An AMAZING band that should be commended for their awesome melodic tunes and beautiful lyrical talent.
Seeing them live was easily the best concert I have ever been to. They sound exactly the same as they do recorded, and 4 weeks later, I am still in awe of their remarkable talent. I will always always love Death Cab.
My favourite songs for newcomers who would like to download some Death Cab For Cutie ; I Was A Kaleidoscope, Styrofoam Plates, Passenger Seat, Blacking Out The Friction, Expo '86, Hindsight, Company Calls, What Sarah Said and I Will Follow You Into The Dark.
The Sound of Settling is Death Cab at it's worst. I hate that song.
by Elyse :) August 14, 2006
210 97
Elyse - Death Cab For Cutie are awesome
Peter - More Like... Death Car for... Crimpy
Elyse *rolling on floor laughing*
Death Car For Crimpy are awesome :) haha
by Elyse :) August 15, 2006
33 35