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4 definitions by ElvisLives200

A city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Populated mostly by hippies and yuppies. Berkeley rocks. Minus the yuppies.
Berkeley is wicked spiffy!
by ElvisLives200 September 05, 2005
Incredibly spiffy.
Dude, that was so freaking wicked spiffy!
by ElvisLives200 August 05, 2005
Not cool, bad. The opposite of off the chain.
Dude, that party sucked! It was on the chain!
by ElvisLives200 September 15, 2005
1) Marijuana, Pot.

2) Stuff you use to paint your nails. Can be clear or colored.
1) She been smokin' nail polish!

2) Dude, that nail polish is so pretty.
by ElvisLives200 September 03, 2005