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The perverse act of letting gerbils or rodents enter the anal passage.
Lets grab that rat and shove it up Bush's ass 'CT' style!
by Elton John December 11, 2003
Someone who lies about age to look cool infront of others to look cooler than people of his own age.
www.habboforum.com The site where he hangs around.

by Elton John December 28, 2004
A martial artist wannabee who takes it in the pooper. One who professes to be enlightening in the Oriental fighting arts but who is, in fact, a raging homo. See also Flacid wrist/Flaming Mantis or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Penis
Mister Floppy was the original Ghey Ninja many years ago..........
by Elton John April 02, 2005
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