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noun. outrage fatigue. the exhaustion and entropy that occurs from too much outrage. Occurs in waves, often during peak election cycles. Outrage fatigue tends to afflict politically active people, and can be worse when your party is not in power, or has a power deficit. It escalates during environmental catastrophes, especially ones that are caused by human negligence. It also develops during troublesome economic times like corporate bailouts and high unemployment. Outrage fatigue may threaten close friendships.
After the week of union protests in Madison, I'm finished. I have serious "outrage fatigue".

When I heard about the latest military intervention in Libya, I was stunned by my apathy,lack of concern and disinterest. This is my worst ever episode of "outrage fatigue".
by Elsa Arlo April 24, 2011
Buggage. Noun. Buggage is a term defining emotional crap that you intend to dump on a good friend, or willing listener often held captive, like your hair stylist. Buggage is usually annoying in content, mundane and not life threatening in nature. Elaine Benes of Seinfeld kind of material, usually delivered with over the top drama, and angst, but the friend listens anyway but is often engaged in a mundane activity like eating cereal. The friend is usually responsible for redirecting the conversation, as the delivery of buggage can last indefinitely. Buggage is a synonym for gossip. Buggage often leads to more buggage.
Hey Jerry, I'm so upset! You have to listen to me! I've got some serious buggage! I think this guy is stalking me on Facebook.

Another example, Hey Jerry, I heard some crazy ass stuff about you and George, tell me it's just a bunch of buggage.
by elsa arlo April 19, 2011
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