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2 definitions by Elrando

The new gaming console from Microsoft, it has a similar amount of power to the upcoming PS3. Generally recognised as a fine gaming machine, with a good variety of games and developer support.
Both John Carmack of ID software (makers of Doom and Quake), and the head of Team Ninja Mr Itagaki (Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden), have professed prefering to develope for the Xbox 360 over any other next-generation consoles.
by Elrando January 01, 2006
An upcoming gameing machine (as at time of writing -02/01/06)from the Sony corporation. While no doubt a powerful gaming machine the PS3 is incredibly overhyped. It has a similar level of power to the Xbox 360 and will share a lot of 3rd party game titles with it. One of the potential drawbacks for the PS3 is it's complicated system architechture, which could make it difficult to get power from. Due in 2006/2007 (depending on where you live in the world) the PS3 is expected to be highly popular, regardless of how it actually performs.
See Playstation 3 reports from E3 2005.
Also see reports on falsified Playstation 3 game demonstrations at E3 2005 (eg Killzone 2, DMC3).
by Elrando January 01, 2006