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Bacon wrapped hot dog sold by unlicensed street vendors using grocery carts and make shift grills on the streets of Los Angeles. Ghetto dogs are usually served with sliced jalapenos and grilled onions. ghetto dog vendors are often times found outside of sporting events and concerts
Damn man I am fucked up. one of those ghetto dogs looks good right now.

I would dare eat one of those. Last time i ate one of those I dropped a mean Havana omelet
by Elpablito September 23, 2009
Large pipe with ball at the end that tweekers worldwide use to smoke methamphetamine. The pipe is twisted or rotated back and forth between the thumb and index finger in a 10-2 motion evenly heating the drugs for inhalation.
Have you seen Erin recently?
Nah man, I haven't seen her since she started hitting that twist pipe
by Elpablito May 19, 2009

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