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2 definitions by Eloy Denis

a series of rapid sharts, usually in public, like at a party, work, or school.
"dude, i just ate seven chili-dogs. i feel like im going to have a shart-attack"
"im as serious as a shart-attack"
"that guy at the party last night, had a serious shart-attack. he had crap all over his pants"
shart fart shit poop party accident
by Eloy Denis June 13, 2011
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a mixture between "sure" and "serious", when you need to ask both "are you sure" and "are you serious" in a limited time.
guy:dude, i think i have herpes.
guy 2: are you shurious?

words word mixtures herpes sure serious
by Eloy Denis June 13, 2011
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