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Term used to define someone who just got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!
by ElmoMonster September 17, 2012
The act of inserting a stick shift onto a woman and driving down the highway while changing HER gears butt ass naked.
I met this truck driver, he was a Black Clitoris Truck Driver.
by ElmoMonster September 17, 2012
Basically, it's having sexual intercourse inside the hide of a bear. It doesn't necessary need to be bear hide, but it's best if it is because as the male is ready to ejaculate, he can get off the woman, point his penis at the bear's head and yell out "TAKE THAT YOU FUCKIN' BEAR!!"
Friend #1: "Have you tried the thermal bear?"
Friend #2: "...no"
Friend #1: "You're missing out on some good shit then"
by ElmoMonster September 17, 2012

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