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3 definitions by Elmo Homo

cute is what we aim for is a indie band formed in january 2005. I personally think curse of curves is one of thier best songs but i like thier other songs to.
cute is what we aim for may be the best band that ever lived
by Elmo Homo October 26, 2006

A holiday where little kids dress up as a cowboy, or a fairy princess to get free candy. When you get older, you dress up as a sexy________ and get old guys hard and get away with it (the rest of the 364 days you dressed up liked that your mother would yell at you) If your 21+ you get wasted and wrap trees with paper towels
For halloween I'm going to dress up as a sexy bunny then go to old man jenkins house then drink vodka and cause a scene
by Elmo Homo October 26, 2006
A person who wants to be Portugese but isn't. See wanabe and Portugese
Look at that chick with the baseball cap and the fake skin! What a portabe!
by Elmo Homo October 07, 2006