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asdf meaning whatever lazy to type the real name
User name: asdf
Password: asdf
by elmo October 02, 2003
siez the moment/day

live your life to the full

be spontanius

go for it
carpe diem
by elmo January 14, 2004
the loverly person who gave birth to me and has and will look after me 4 the rest of her life
i love u mummy
by elmo July 09, 2002
u fuckin bother people 2 damn much
como chingas cabron u fuckin bother people 2 damn much shit
by elmo December 04, 2004
cool people with nice cars who go up the station and talk about there motor
i wish i had a nice motor so i can go up the station
by Elmo January 30, 2005
See:sheep. Range maggot is an epithet applied to sheep. It derives from the appearance of a green pasture with white blobs wiggling across it.
Hey Jethro, lookit all them range maggots! Let's us go 'n shag a few.
by Elmo September 28, 2004
Of, or pertaining to, a person of quite, calm, meditative, reflecive, or comatose composure; acting as such during all times of the day and night, except when playing music, or after having eaten a truck-load of sugar.
"Rick is being such a Peter Zerkel today! Normally he's louder than the entire band playing Fireworks. Dude. Whoa."
by Elmo August 10, 2004
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