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29 definitions by Elmer

A slang term for the word "boss" in the souf. Popularized by the Houston Rapper, Slim Thug, who constantly refers to himself as this.
"I got it made the big bauwce of da north. Ain't shit change, I still represent Swisha House, HA!"

-Slim Thug on "Still Tippin'"
by Elmer October 29, 2005
To take back something that was given to someone else.
"If he can re-gift, why can't you de-gift?"
by Elmer January 19, 2005
A term used to describe a woman that a man settled for.

The man ends up settling for just about any girl willing to be with him out of fear that he might end up dying alone. It means that the man was unable to attain the "gold medal" (the girl of his dreams) and ends up settling for any girl that is willing to be with him.
Jerk #1: Dude, why did you ask that girl out? Man she was uuug-ly!

Jerk #2: Michelle just broke up with me so I figured I'd settle for Lois. She's my Silver Medal.
by Elmer January 28, 2005
Another slang term for Toronto (as opposed to T-dot).
Toronto = T.O. = T-Dot-o-Dot.

See? It pronounces all four characters in T.O.
by Elmer April 09, 2005
A term used to describe a male having sex with a female. 'Nuff said... See: Hittin' It, BUMP N GRIND, Sexing, Pay The Rent, and the list goes on and on...
"Yo son, are you gettin' in the guts with that girl or what?"
by Elmer January 20, 2005
To kick one's ass using the ancient martial art of Karate.
Some guy arguing with another guy at a dojo: "I know we learn Karate so we need never use it, but I'm gonna have to Karatesize your face for hitting on my biatch, sucka!"
by Elmer April 23, 2005
Strung out and sketchy, usually after drinkin and poundin hard drugs for a couple pf days straight. Originating from the sketch master himself, Craig Bentley
Haha, look at Wes over there pullin a bentley...He looks twisted.
by Elmer May 26, 2004