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someone who always jumps at the opportunity to mourn/ express deep sadness, usually over the death of someone, or the occurance of something, that has essentially nothing to do with that individual
Pete: Did you see Jalen? She wrote "RIP Oscar" all over her arm! She talked to him maybe once?!

Sam: Yeah, man. What a tragedy whore!


Alice: Wow. I feel so terrible that Joanne has that flesh eating disease! I think that we should all sit with her at lunch!

Stacey: You're such a tragedy whore, Alice! You called Joanne fugly last week. You just want to shine in her sympathy glow.
by Ellixx September 11, 2011
the attention that an individual who has underwent something tragic receives, esp. when unworthy individuals are vying for the chance to bask in it
John: Look at Shannon basking in Casey's sympathy glow! She's just trying to steal the attention!

Harold: Yeah. She should give it a rest! Casey just got hit by that ice cream truck last week!
by Ellixx September 11, 2011
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