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To be used interchangeably with the phrase: "rub your nipple." The word 'pet' may also be subbed out for something fitting with the circumstance, such as the words 'squeeze' 'smack' or 'flip.'
"I'm gonna pet your dog nose"

Translation: I'm going to rub your nipple
by Ellisniss MGP January 10, 2011
The subject of various German Shiza Films with slutty teenagers that need money to support her three illegitimate children
Bjorik: I watched a horse on teh interwebz last night
Yuribonstrovavich: Oh yea? Like a horse race?
Bjorik: ...not exactly.
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
Small, blue, and furry character on a Disney movie made in 2002. His only purpose on Earth is to lure Lilo into his deathtrap and mutilate her by ripping apart her flesh and feasting upon her organs. Do not be persuaded by the cute family movie, that asshole is a killer.
Director: And in scene 14, Stitch climbs out the treehouse and finds Lilo where he proceeds to drive a knife through her chest.
Advisors: Uh, that's probably not a good idea.
Director: Oh, right, this is a Disney movie.
by Ellisniss MGP January 17, 2010
A prepubescent boy who dreams of one day becoming a musician. He is worshiped by little girls who are feeling their vaginas tickle for the first time. He further advertises the "clean music" movement mainly sponsored by Disney with their music acts such as the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, and every other actor that has ever had a show on the Disney Channel. The video for his song "One Time" depicts a party with no drinking, drugs, sex, or anything usually at parties. I suppose it's appropriate considering he's only 7, but 7-year-olds shouldn't be having parties in the first place unless they are sleepovers where their mom bakes cookies for them and their friends and they play boys vs. girls keepaway in the back yard after fighting over control of the TV. WAIT ANOTHER 20 YEARS AND THEN PRODUCE AN ALBUM!
Justin Bieber: "There's gonna be one less lonely girl!"

Little Girl: *rubs self* "OMG ur so hott I love you!!!"
Justin Bieber: "Eew, girls are gross! Mommy, this girl's acting really weird!"
by Ellisniss MGP January 16, 2010

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