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Another definition expression for "Hands on" except the hands being used are attached to a person that is a complete ass-clown, and shouldn't have the privilege of touching such sacred material in the general aspects of life.
Look at that scumbag over there...he has his greasy clownhooks all over that hot chick and for some odd reason she likes it. It must be his style or his lies that is scoring him that ass.
by Ellis McSponge May 12, 2011
Makup that a clown wears to entertain the masses.
I have a show that I need to put on for the powers that be. I will be sure to apply my clowngrease extra thick tonight...and be sure that I am fluffed appropriately to put on a good performance.
by Ellis McSponge August 09, 2011
A commonly known tact that the average guy uses to manipulate a situation for their own benefeit.
He used quite a bit of Bobgrease tact in that meeting today forcing the issue to sway in his favor.
by Ellis McSponge August 02, 2011
A term commonly used for people who are seen by others doing alot of standing around at work on the production floor. Every time someone spots an "elbows", they are doing nothing but observing while leaning against something with their elbow. They lean so often on things in order to watch others work, that calisuses form on their elbows.
Damn, that guy Bob stands around so much that everyone calls him "Elbows" now. He leans up against anything all day long to make sure that it doesn't disappear. I believe that his purpose is to make sure that giant machinery doesn't grow feet and walk away while nobody is looking.
by Ellis McSponge October 13, 2011

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