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A big joke. it's F1 except in America. who likes open wheeled road course racing anyway? its to foreign. except IRL which is actually exceiting open-wheeled racing.
billy watches cart because he's a commie.
by Elliott Sadler 38 April 24, 2005
a sport that faggots watch cause they think running around kicking a turd from some faggot's fatass is a sport and makes them tough, watch nascar thats a real sport. they arent afraid to die. they want that 4,250,000,000 when they win the championship. football dosent get nothing but a dime when they win there gay ass crappy easy championship.

shut up you wannabe badass before i say something meaner!
madden:well its 2006 now, and it looks like football is barely famous now that nascar is the #1 sport in america. looks like there are only five people in the grandstands tonight!!! i think ill go get drunk and then buy me a some tough actin tanactin on the way. remember tough actin tanactin is our only sponser cuz dem nascar freekkzzz hogged um all! you're on the football channel where we show football 24/7 cause we got kicked off the Fox station.
by elliott sadler 38 April 24, 2005

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