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Nickname for Procter, deriving from proctologist, meaning examination of the rectal region. Procky likes to explore the anal passages and find its secrets. Both males and females alike are atracted to his techniques of the 'rear'

1."Omg I just love it how Procky gets me from behind"
by Elliot J October 15, 2008
Pronounced: (fan-dabi-doo-dahs)
Def - fantastic and fabulous put into one word to describe when someone is feeling extreme hapiness
1. " I just beat up that fat kid, I am feeling fandabidoodas "
2. " I just had sex with that hot chick I feel fandabidoodas "
by Elliot J October 15, 2008
def. When aerobic respiration is used to perform homosexual activities.
adj. Homoaerobically
1. " The way the preist acted was homoaerobic "
2. " Those guys are so homoaerobic "
by Elliot J October 15, 2008
The nickname for a man of the name Elliot, meaning a sexy, God-like person.
1. "Omg Elliot is sooooo sexy and God-like! He must be an Elzo "
by Elliot J October 15, 2008
Irresistibly sexy man of the name 'David', has large nipples, a muffin top and carries a little extra baggage. Attracts all people of all sexes and races. Although usually it is women of the manly obese nature and of the name Tyla that go for his sexy body.
1. "Hi Sxc David looking rather sexy today!"
2. "I just can't resist those love handles Sxc David"

Sxc David
by Elliot J October 15, 2008
Meaning 'Son of God'.
Elliot meaning Jahovah is God.
Jones meaning son of John.
Hence making the phrase son of God.

1." Oh my Elliot Jones "
by Elliot J October 15, 2008

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