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one of the most beautiful girls you will ever lay eyes on. typically a brown haired girl with hazel/green eyes. is usually very self-confident but has her moments. a bubbly personality and loves to laugh and have fun. always wanting to make new friends even though she already has a ton, but she is not the most popular girl. has had many boyfriends but is always getting played because shes to nice to stand up for herself. soon she will learn her lesson, the hard way though. over-all an amazing girl, and the best friend you could ever have:) if a boy gets her they will never want to let her go (but be good to her!)
Andrew: wow, would you look at that girl? shes such an Abigail.

Matt: bro i know right!? i bet she has tons of friends too.
by Ellie Wright March 30, 2011

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