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Noun: A state of feeling in which one is excited, but knows that they will not be as excited when the time comes. To know that one is going to be let down, but still maintaining excitement leading up to the event.

Don't take this sexually.
She was feeling failybinsatic for the upcoming night, knowing that they would just sit around the house again; but still looking foward to seeing the people.
by Ellie Shmip April 23, 2010

A person who is incredibly annoying; but extremely cute.

A term used lovingly when you're annoyed at a person; you call them a Chittlepimp.
"Who ate the last piece of gum, left the empty package, and gave me false hope that there was gum left?"

"Ah, that was me"

"Gosh Chittlepimp!! How could you!!"
by Ellie Shmip April 24, 2010
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