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Another name for jack daniels, discovered when writing notes in philosophy and ethics.
"Nick won't be in school today sir, he spent all night in Church and was overcome by The Holy Spirit"
by Ellie February 14, 2004
A person or action that is extremely homosexual.
1.Bob and Jim enjoyed doing fruity activities together such as picnics in the park and combing each other's hair.

2. Tim likes to blow Bob, he's so fruity.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
An awesome asian kid who, while being obsessed with ridiculously hot guys such as Michael Vartan, Adam Levine and Milo Ventigmila or however you spell his name, cannot spell. She enjoys watching the WB and movies. Especially involving ridiculously hot guys.
Did you just spell Brewster "Brucester?" That's such an engroll thing to do.
by Ellie March 20, 2004
someone who's totally hot and has an amazingly nice body and someone who has luscious dick-sucking lips like jar jar binx
wow, that girl is totally binx. id like to get all up in her gravy, yo
by ellie June 17, 2003
Also used when immitating scary monsters. Like the one that comes at the of Buffy....
Just randonly say it to your friends, and make your hands into scary claw shapes.... :-p
by Ellie November 30, 2003
my Nicholas
your a shit eating lawn knome
by Ellie October 12, 2003
someone who listens to emo and wanders around aimlessly looking miserable. usually has black hair with a sweepy bit across the front regardless of gender. never smiles.
oh my god, what happened? you look as miserable as an emo kid
by ellie August 27, 2003

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