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a 1920's slang word meaning nonsense
Stop talking that applesauce!
by Ellie December 06, 2004
The vagina of a woman.
Kristi's coochie smelled of ass because she didn't wash right.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
a weird person
a guy was lurking behind a building by himself at 3 am. What a sketchball!
by Ellie September 26, 2003
a small plastic stick filled with goop which glows for about 6 hours. used by ravers and given out at festivals and concerts.
- man i look so cool dancing with my glowstick
- dude let's pour glowstick fluid on us, then we can glow all night!
by ellie August 27, 2003
This word is used in the movie Disney Movie Robin Hood it means amazement.
Oodalalee! I just got a brand new car.
by Ellie January 13, 2005
An exclamation, such as "My god!" or "No way!" A corrupted religious statement that no longer has any religious ties, like "Oh my God!"
"You fell off a mountain and landed in a swamp, then were eaten alive by carnivorious shrimp? And you're still alive? Good Lord!"
by Ellie July 24, 2004
The suburb/town outside of Knoxville onsidered by many to be the rich area, whether thats true or not can be up to debate. The area is fairly diverse for a suburb in Tennessee, but mostly made up of white suburbanites driving their suv's and minivans picking their obnoxious kids up from school everyday. Oh, and a lot of people are soccer crazy.
Hey, Diane did Matt K. make the soccer team.
No he didn`t because there were about 50 boys trying out.
by Ellie April 15, 2005

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