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The highly addictive message board for the coolest people in the world. We are superior to anything and everything else.
ATNW is cooler than your mom.
by Elley Chaos April 25, 2003
Me...but what is there to say about me?!?! I've been known to have ever changing hair color, as well as a very spastic and eccletic fashion sense. My favorite word is "maniacal" and I adore sexual innuendos.
person 1: Whoa, who's that chick?
person 2: Eh, that's Elley...she's just sorta there all the time.
person 1: Wait, isn't she that chick who hangs out with those other crazy kids and sits on the corner for no apparent reason?
person 2: Yup...quick, run before she sees us and starts, you know, singing...
by Elley Chaos April 28, 2003
One of the most sexual words ever. Not because of it's meaning or anything, just...say it with me, outloud..."strrrrookkke"
Stroke is one of those words that's on the top part of the "Very Sexual Words For Literature Dorks Like Me" list...along with "friction"...and "promiscuous"
by Elley Chaos May 24, 2003
A girl (or really feminine boy, wee) who holds the power of seduction.
That boy is such a seductress, I want to tie him down and have sex with him.
by Elley Chaos June 26, 2003

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