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Person who can recognize EVERY lotion scent on your body because they way-too-frequently go to Bath and Body Works to smell things.
"Wow Bree! How did you know I was wearing Moonlight Path?!"
"Well my lotionose can recognize it because I own EVERY B&B Works product EVER!"
by Ellen Moore October 27, 2007
Pronnounced fun-nur. An activity that was better than just "fun."
"Going to King's Island was WAY funner that staying home watching Seinfeld reruns!"
by Ellen Moore October 27, 2007
Doing absolutely nothing while hanging out with your friends but talking about it like it's really cool and you HAD to be there. Does not refer to something perverted that Steve Carrell said.
"Hey Bree..I had an awesome time at that pants party"
"Yeah, we should totally get together and have another one"

The conversation is loud so as to attract others attention. Then when they question about the "party", you tell them that they have to be at one for a true experience.
by Ellen Moore October 27, 2007

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