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A stereotypical female Baylor student. Generally part of a sorority, but not necessarily. A Baylor Bitch is mainly any female (or flamboyant male) who attends Baylor and lives off of Mommy and Daddy's money. Baylor Bitches can be identified by their orange skin, Ugg boots, clumpy, grotesque eyelashes, and blindingly white teeth. Or you can just look for any Lexus car that's been crashed on Baylor campus. Baylor Bitches feed on carrot sticks, cheese cubes, and caramel macchiatos. See also shiny girl.
I could barely find a seat when Legally Blonde II came out, because the theater was full of Baylor Bitches.

"Dude why are your clothes all wet?"
"Because some Baylor Bitch in a Theta shirt spilled her drink on me."

I caught her throwing up her salad because she didn't lock the door, stupid Baylor Bitch.
by ElleA October 26, 2011

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