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A kid kind of like a toned-down scene kid. Not as obsessed with "dinosawrz" or Hello Kitty, but still pretty sceney. They typically wear skin-tight white jeans or white denim skirts, but sometimes they'll wear tight light blue jeans or skirts.
Any shirt from Wet Seal is acceptable "ritz" wear.
Their hair's not as dramatic as the scene kids, either. It's either brunette with blonde highlights or all blonde. It HAS TO be chin to shoulder-long and straightened with side bangs that almost fall over their eyes, but not quite yet.
The boys don't wear make-up, but they will use as many hair products they need to keep their hair perfect.
For shoes, anything Converse or ballet flats is good. For Converse, they have to be doodled on and look a thousand years old or you'll be called a poser.
Oh my god, that ritz kid looks so weird today. I mean, who wears white jeans?
by Ella Waver May 28, 2007

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