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3 definitions by Ell Dude

Generally used in the North West of England (particularly Greater Manchester). Just a simple word for 'no'. A stronger word for this is 'schnay', used primarily in Wigan.
"'Ere, you goin' intuh' toyn foh' geh' a paaaah?*"
"Uh.... nay."

(*Translation: Are you going into town to get a pie?)
by Ell Dude April 22, 2004
A stronger word for nay, which is mostly used in Wigan, in the North West of England.
"'Ere, you gooooin' ou' wi' 'er?*"
"What the fuck.... schnay!"

(*Translation: Are you going out with her?)
by Ell Dude April 22, 2004
Euphemism for 'fucked'.
"Oh man, I'm totally keffed if I don't do this homework!"
by Ell Dude April 23, 2004