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Dominant hairstyle of the urban chouli. What started as perhaps dreadlocks and has since become a single slug-like entity of matted hair and miscellaneous funk.
After Manchego passed out we put a bunch of baby spiders under his sluglock.
by Elki Blaglag May 23, 2005
A baby dyke. So called because of the rat-tails popular now only with young lesbians and young jedi knights. Often shortened to simply padwan.
Padwans are so cute in the springtime. Look, they're flipping us off! One day, they too will realize the ultimate power of the dark side. Give in to your hate, young padwan.
by Elki Blaglag May 23, 2005
A dirty, stinking, neo-hippie, usually vegan and often sporting a sluglock. Named after their other signature smell, patchouli. Coined because "hippie" only accurately refers to ancient ones, you know, from back in the days of free love and protests that actually affected something. Plural: a Stench of Choulies.
Q: How many Choulies does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: Honey exploits the worker, man.
by Elki Blaglag May 23, 2005
A promiscuous and unselective hetero male.
A male slut.
"James Bond is such a sprayler."
"Pussy Galore?"
"Grace Jones. Q.E.D."
by Elki Blaglag May 23, 2005

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