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Stop being ignorant. There is no DEFINITION of an indie kid. There are no specific guidelines, requirements, or strict definitive characteristics. Indie is a culture, a state of mind, and a never-ending quest for good music.
Indie is an appreciation of beauty, which is defined by one's own standards. The indie kid's concept of beauty usually does not involve mainstream music because popular music is often superficial, employing very basic chords and melodies, and the lyrics are rarely deep or symbolic. Indie people sense this lack of artistic depth in popular culture, thus seeking depth in alternate, more creative styles of clothing and music.
Although this observation does not apply to all indie kids, there seems to be a slight trend in the intellectual capacity of those involved in Indie culture. Many indie kids enjoy critical and analytical thinking, abstract ideas, and learning new things, often discussing "nerdy" topics among themselves. This is probably because intellect, creative ability and depth are seemingly linked, likely due to how one's brain has developed based on genetics and exposure to society, and which areas of the brain are innately most active.
Only "indie kid" stereotype: indie kids hang with other indie kids.
by Eliza Janus January 10, 2009

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