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the biggest waste of my life
example 1:cameron dropped out of high school because she's pregnant with sam's baby.

example 2:i'm usually high when i go to high school.
by eliza March 07, 2004
To be completely taken advantage of unwillingly by something or someone, usually in a situation where you have no other choice.
I got completely ass raped by the cashier at airport parking.
by Eliza June 15, 2006
The hottest guy in the world and he's very talented. Absolutely the best LOVER a girl could ever have.
Man...I had some good Shadoe last night! ; )
by Eliza April 08, 2005
This is a disrespectful Russian person that want nothing but money, power, and whores. A New Russian is usually found either "enjoying themselves" to porn or wiring a fake transaction to a phony bank account.

Their favourite pastimes include cursing their pit bulls and polishing their BMW or Mercedes just one last time...

They can easily be identified by a thick Russian accent, cussing abilities, fancy cars, swarms of usually Russian whores, large mansions, lots of beer, strange wardrobe, and their walks which tend to be a mix between a strut, casual, and gangster.

Not to be confused with Russian Mafia.
ie. "That strange dude feeling up the waitress looks an awful lot like a New Russian."


ie. "RUN! That New Russian has an effing pit bull!"
by Eliza January 14, 2005
A hott, cool , amazing person
"Look at how hot that guy is... he MUST be a swagler"
by Eliza December 01, 2003
The upper-lower class are poor people with credit cards that live in neighborhoods where lawn care is highly optional.

Contrary to other definitions, you don't have to be white to be upper-lower class.

As upper-lower class, you have the option to act like white trash or act like middle class depending on your mood. It's the best of both worlds.
There are plush green spots from where the dog pees on our lawn, and we think it looks interesting. We are very upper-lower class.
by Eliza April 02, 2005
This meaning defines a skanky type of girl/woman which fits perfectly under the full description of a whore.
The only difference from the traditional whore is that this type of slut will do ANYTHING to bring you down. Forget elegance and style like Ukrainian whores demonstrate, they do it right in your face. They bring you down in the nastiest most publicized way.
This, of course, refers only to girls of Russian descent.
More often than not, you'll find that they're coloured blonds, which don't know left from right, have nice bodies that guys drool over, and a million ways that they can play dirty. These girls will never play by the rules.

Strategies: Most likely they will first be your friend...they'll talk to you nicely, include you in everything, tell you everything (or so you think), and they will get as close to you as they possibly can. Just as you start to trust them and tell them things, you load their machine gun. And guess what? It's pointed to you. The first chance they get (the opportune moment is when they don't think you're useful anymore or they think that you're too much of competition for them), they fire away. Usually they like to cuss off at you in public so everyone can see how "cool" they are and love them. Idiotic, really. There is no logic in their actions.


**Note: Not all Russian girls are whores. If she’s a whore and she’s Russian, then watch out.

ie. “That Russian whore just cussed me off because she ‘coloured her hair blond first’.”

ie. “Is that my boyfriend flirting with that slutty Russian whore?

ie. “When that Russian whore found out that I put sugar and water in her mosquito repellent, she had a bitch fit. Surprise, surprise.”
by Eliza January 19, 2005

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