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A man who's regime was justly toppled and he has been captured. Might have to pay a small fine for his 3 insignificant charges:

1. War Crimes
2. Crimes against Humanity
3. Genocide

The USA receives less then half of it's oil from the Middle East, and most that we do get is NOT from Iraq. Most of our oil is North American, from Mexico and Canada. We also get alot from Venezuela.

Because of how little oil we get from Iraq a war would not be cost effective.

This war was our business, it's called human rights you stupid fucking hippies.

Even if Saddam got WMD's from us he still didn't give them to the UN when they asked.
Saddam Hussein supported terrorism, just not Al Quadae.
by Elitist December 31, 2003
Riiiiight, America should have Anarchy alright. Then when were all working "peaecfully" we would be weak enough to get invaded by Iran or N. Korea.
Why would anyone defend your sorry ass if it doesn't make them happy?
by Elitist February 23, 2004
Turn Based Strategy. Refers to a game where each player takes a turn, such as Civilization.
My Siphai crushed the puny Europeans in Civilization 3.
by Elitist December 28, 2003
A wopdago is someone from Sicily, NOT mainland Italy.
Surrender monkey wopdago scum!
by Elitist January 20, 2004
Something that ignoant Democrats call anyone that disagrees with them, same as how many ignorant Republicans say any Democrat that disagrees with them is a communist.
Fascism is a great form of government in Civilization 3!
by Elitist February 05, 2004
One who must insult racists because he is unsure whether he hates all but his race as well as the person he's insulting.

Denial is acceptance innit.
Oh wait, or is this kind of definition only allowed for homophobe?
by Elitist February 27, 2004
Somehting that the first posters take FAR too literally. It's a joke you stupid smacktards. Nothing more nothing less.
I got a tiny dick dick but I am a genious because I realized that a shell-script can't replace people, YAY!!!
by Elitist January 02, 2004

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