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Something the European and Canadien dumb asses on this site love to say proudly, clearly not seeing the bigger picture.
If the criminals still have guns, what's the point of gun control? To be inadequately defended and thus rely on your government even more for protection? To be illprepared for when the governemnt takes away your rights?
by Elitist February 29, 2004
Capitol of Rohan, in the LOTR way, not the other way.
Edoras needs to get over run by orcs.
by Elitist December 18, 2003
Yes, it's ALL Bush's fault for us not having world peace. It's ALL his fault. Remember when he wasn't in office, and everyone was happy and no one was dying. Somalia was perfect, Camodia was a great place to live, and there was no PLO. But now that the Republicans are in office the world is a bad place, but before then it was all great and cool!
You dumb fucks need to realize that even if Ghandi was preseident we couldn't achieve world peace you smacktards.
by Elitist February 09, 2004
You're all such stupid smacktards. A patriot is one who likes and appreciates their country and fellow man.

All of you stupid faggots are defining a nationalist.
Another wasted urban dictionary entry, just like America, France, and Nintendo.
by Elitist January 18, 2004
A community on Livejournal where questions are asked and answered. Drama is rampant. Sarcasm and satire are constant. The "Regulars" are elitists.
OMG, Mac is back!!!11!!one!!11

The internets is ANGRY!
by Elitist November 15, 2004
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