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A great way to express your opinions, but unlike a chatroom, there are usaully less n00bz, people act more intelligently, and the screen doesn't get flooded with replies like so many chatrooms do. Often called forums.
Urbandictionary.com is a message board, just a VERY slow one.
by Elitist January 02, 2004
^Don't know what the hell he's smoking, but I've only heard Civ used as short for Civilization, one of the greatest games of all time.
In Civ 3: Conquests you can be a Fascist nation, what could be better?
by Elitist January 01, 2004
A babysitter
15 year old mother: I'll just set little Timmy in front of Sesame Street then we can hit the mall!

15 year old skank: Okey dokey!
by Elitist January 26, 2004
The richest man in the world is also the biggest nerd. He could have ANY chick he wants, and could have you assasinated in a minute if he wanted to.
20 years down the line, will it truly matter if you were "popular"?

Do you think it will matter 20 years down the line if you were studying computer science/physics/economics 4 hours a day? Yes.

Do you think it will matter 20 years down the line whether you were popular or not? No.
by Elitist January 19, 2004
In that Chinese girls home in Stree Fighter 2 there is a guy choking a chicken in the background.
Is that old man choking his chicken?
by Elitist January 01, 2004

A term used in some online videogames for any anti-aircraft emplacement. This means a flak emplacement, SAM battery, or anti-air machine gun.
We can't hit with the bombers until you take out that AA!
by Elitist January 18, 2004
A community on Livejournal where "Random Question" are asked and answered. Drama is rampant. Sarcasm and satire are constant. The "Regulars" are elitists.
OMG, Mac is back!!!11!!one!!1

Pic, plz?

The internets is ANGRY!
by Elitist November 15, 2004

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