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74 definitions by Elitist

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See Earth Every governemnt that has ever existed is just a glorified plutocracy.
by Elitist April 07, 2004
People that hate jews and just sit around all day talking about useless shit. They will never amount to anything great.

See UN
Hey, Isreal sure does suck don't it?
by Elitist February 29, 2004
A hour long waltz in which the victor is the one that:

1. Struck first
2. Had more nuclear weapons
3. Had more nuclear submarines in firing distance of enemy cities

Note that this victory is temporary because soon after a "victor" is declared we all start dying from atmospheric fallout.
A socialist war, because everyone on the planet becomes insanely equal.
by Elitist December 18, 2003
Where Happy Gilmore's mom moved, because there wasn't a hockey rink for 1,500 miles.
Shortly afterwards, Happy's dad got killed by a stray puck and Happy had to live with his grandma.
by Elitist December 28, 2003
An oxymoron you socialist bastards. Healthcare in the modern world is expensive, and if you want standardized healthcare in this country you would have to dramatically increase taxes.

However, I would like to see the money come from cutting off foreign aid to those ingrateful Europeans, UN, and third-world countries.
If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until you see wha it costs when it's free!

-P.J. O'Rouke-
by Elitist January 04, 2004
A chix0r is NOT just a regular chick, she is one who is skilled at hacking. As you may guess, a real chix0r is extremely rare.
The first guys needs to get the facts straight!
by Elitist January 19, 2004
An ignorant word made up by religious extremeists to degrade pro-choice people. Very similar to the word anti-choice, which was made up by ignorant liberal extremeists to degrade anyone that's pro-life.
The ignorant flame war goes on and on...
by Elitist February 02, 2004