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An oxymoron you socialist bastards. Healthcare in the modern world is expensive, and if you want standardized healthcare in this country you would have to dramatically increase taxes.

However, I would like to see the money come from cutting off foreign aid to those ingrateful Europeans, UN, and third-world countries.
If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until you see wha it costs when it's free!

-P.J. O'Rouke-
by Elitist January 04, 2004
One of the "neutral" countries in WW2 that greatly liked the Axis powers. Why wouldn't they, the Nazis and Italians helped the Nationalist side(who ended up winning) during their Spanish Civil War.
Spain got pwnzed by Portugal!
by Elitist February 29, 2004
Sorry, but any book series with as little relation to the plot from the last book as Harry Potter has is not very good. Whereas LOTR, Timothy Zahns Grand Admiral Thrawn trilogy, and Dune all read like one 1000+ page book.
Harry Potter, I'm not dissing it but it's not really my thing.
by Elitist January 02, 2004
George Bush is a retard? That may be so, but he was still elected so you can stfu.
Look at that Bushtard blocking traffic and smoking pot, hey wait, that's a Democrat!
by Elitist February 05, 2004

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