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When one pushes the gas pedal to the floor, making the vehicle burst to its highest possible speed. Generally done on straightaways or during drag races, accompanied by a burnout.
He put he pedal to the metal and left that toyota in the dust.
by EliteSoldat April 18, 2004
the panzerfaust was a German WWII unique weapon. It was the most powerful AT weapon used by infantry in the era. It has been featured in a number of games including: Close Combat, Medal of Honor underground, Call of Duty, and a newer version of the Panzerfaust is in XIII.
The panzerfaust is one powerful weapon.
by EliteSoldat October 16, 2003
To annoy other with repetitive stupid questions, some that don't even apply to the situation; or to just be a goddamn retard in an internet chat.
<Kevin> 1 + 1 = 2
<bobik> +?????????????????????????????????
<EliteSoldat> it means you are gay, bobik
<bobik> IM NOT A PAKI!!!!!!!!
by EliteSoldat July 11, 2004

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