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9 definitions by Elise Miller

Stress for under one US $1. Beyond absolute stress. When your body reacts to a great loss. Such as losing everything you have all in a matter of minutes.
'What is chickenpox?' she asked 'Its an attack on your nerve that runs from one side of your body's eye, to heart, to back to knuckle.' 'Uh' she replied, 'That is extreme stress. That doesn't sound like a disease it sounds like exteme stress.'
by Elise Miller October 22, 2006
The fanatical desire for an iPhone. The all consuming ilove for all things Apple and the desire to be iloved back by Apple in return.
I tried to control my iWant as I passed the 59th and 5th Apple glass. My iWant passion was overcome by the reality image, scuffling, shoving, elbowing, pickPodding, what my iPhone's ride on the subway would be.
by Elise Miller June 29, 2007