12 definitions by Elisa

this phrase means that someone is ting you badly...but don't use it because it's retarded.
"so did you meet anyone last night"
"that's the gas!" see what I mean.
by elisa February 29, 2004
An Italian teenage girl, typically a cheerleader and dating a guy named Patrick.
Pokey must be cool because she's friends with Elisa. ;)
by Elisa September 16, 2003
something on someone smells really foul.
" Next to halitosis, I would say his breath is swant"
by elisa March 03, 2004
a name for a female. the combonation of Kate and Lizzie. As seen on Lizzie McGuire.
OMG Kizzie! i think Ethan was looking at me in Gym!
by Elisa July 13, 2003
Eric's SweetThang and princess of the SVT world.

Yeah, I'm the shizzle.
by Elisa September 24, 2004

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